Designing with the user in mind

Creating great and highly usable products is not about guessing. It is about understanding things like the users' needs, goals and mental models.

We are here to assist you. To give your company the tools to make the right design decisions.

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Keeping an eye on the eyes

With equipment like eye-tracking combined with results from decades of usability research we can analyze how well your product performs from the user's perspective.

If there are problems, we suggest changes that just might give you the competitive edge needed to succeed.


Understand your users

At Mediacity we have over 10 years experience in understanding peoples' reactions to different products.

Understanding your user's needs and feelings are key to making informed decisions in the product development process.

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Nokia Lumia vs iPhone 4S!

The scene for our latest UX test was set. In a laboratory on the frozen January sea shores of Ostrobothnia, Finland, the two squared up to each other.

One of them was the undisputed King of the Hill, the other the offspring of a wounded beast, flexing its polymer exterior...
And the winner is...

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What We Do

We look at all aspects of the user's interaction with your product: how it is perceived, learned, and used.


How We Do It

We use tools like Eyetracking and Brainwave Studies to find out what the user experiences, thinks, feels and remembers about your product.


Who We Are

Our content testing team combines expertise from Media, Psychology, Neurology, Cognitive Science, Informatics and engineering.


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Depending on your field of business we have different testing packages suited for your needs.